Porridge Leite 3.00

Fresh organic oats made with milk and served with a choice
of blueberries, bananas or sultanas and honey

Granola Gránóla 3.00
Served with natural yoghurt

The Full Irish Friochadh Éireannach 7.50

2 sausages, 2 rashers, fried egg, beans, pudding, tomatoes.
Served with farmhouse soda bread or toast, tea or coffee

The Mini Friochadh Beag 6.00

Sausage, rasher, egg, tomato. Served with farm house soda
or toast, tea or coffee

Veggie Breakfast Bricfeasta Feoilséantach 7.00

Tomato, 2 fried eggs, beans, mushroom. Served with soda
bread or toast with tea or coffee

Scrambled Eggs & Toast Ubh Scrofa & Tósta 4.50

Scrambled egg served with toast on bread of your choice
Add bacon, sausage or beans for 0.50c

Breakfast Bap Bapa Bricfeasta 4.50

A floury bap with sausage, rasher, egg and ketchup

Breakfast Panini Painíní Bricfeasta 5.00

Toasted panini with sausage, bacon, and exotic fruit relish

French Toast Tósta Francach 5.00

Sweet brioche bread loaf served with fresh berries or banana
and maple syrup,

Savoury white loaf served with bacon and maple syrup 5.00

Pancakes/Pancóga 5.00

Sweet pancakes served with a topping of your choice: bacon,
banana, mixed berries and fresh cream, nutella, sugar or
lemon. Served with maple syrup


Freshly toasted bagels served with
Jam and butter 2.00
Cream cheese 3.50
Cream cheese and bacon 4.50
Cream cheese and banana 4.50
Cream cheese and relish 4.50

Breakfast Toastie/  Ceapaire Bricfeasta Tóstáilte  4.50

Sausage, rasher, fried egg on brown or white toast

Breakfast Waffle /Vaiféal Bricfeasta 5.00

Belgian waffles served with bacon and maple syrup or nutella

Allergens list available from members of staff on request

Feic an clár dubh le haghaidh rogha na maidine.

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