Sandwiches /Ceapairí

Classic Club/Ceapaire Club Clasaiceach 6.50

Everyone’s favourite – Roasted chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce,

tomato, mayo on 3 layers of freshly toasted brown or white bread

BLT or TLT 6.00

Crispy bacon or turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo served

stacked on 3 layers of toasted brown or white bread

Cajun Chicken/Sicín Cajun 6.00

Seasoned chicken strips with cheese, spring onion and mayo

Chicken Pesto/Sicín Peisteo 6.00

Roasted chicken strips, pesto, red onion, sundried tomatoes and mayo

Pulled Pork/Muiceoil Stróicthe 6.00

Tender pork with sweet chilli, spring onions and roasted peppers

Italian Chicken/Sicín Iodálach 6.00

Chicken, tomato, rocket leaves with an italian dressing

Mexican Chicken/Sicín Meicsiceach 6.00

Roasted chicken strips, cool salsa sauce, spring onion, tomato

and cheese

Ham and Cheese Melt /Leátán Liamháis agus Cáise 6.00

Baked Irish ham, cheese, fresh tomato and mayo or mustard

Bacon & Brie Melt/Leátán Bagúin agus Brie 6.00

Crispy bacon with melted brie, roasted peppers and spring onion

Crispy Bacon Melt Leátán Bagún Brioscánach 6.00

Bacon, cheese, spring onion, tomato and relish

Tuna Melt/Leátán Tuinnín 6.00

The Classic – Tuna with cheese, sweetcorn and mayo

The Spicy – Sweet chilli tuna and red onion and mayo

The Italian/An tIodálach (veg option) 6.00

Mozzarella with tomato, roasted peppers, pesto and mixed


The Greek/An Gréagach (veg option) 6.00

Feta with red onion, sundried tomato, mixed leaves and roasted


You choose you favourite bread: Crispy ciabbata, bar grilled

panini, wrap (regular or wholemeal), multi seeded bagel,

flat bread, gluten free bread

All sandwiches served on fresh brown or white loaf for only 5.00

Toasties /Ceapairí Tóstáilte 3.50

• Cheese and Ham • Cheese and Onion • Cheese and Tomato

Extra filling 0.50

Jacket Potatoes/Prátaí Bácáilte

Oven Baked Jacket Potatoes/Prátaí Bácáilte san Oigheann 7.50

Choose from:

• Chicken or cajun chicken, cheese, spring onion and mayo

• Cream cheese and spring onion

• Crispy bacon, melted cheese and exotic relish

• Baked beans and melted cheese

• Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo

• Pulled pork, melted cheese and exotic relish

• Make your own

All served with side salad

Salads Sailéid

Chicken Ceasar Salad Sailéad Chaesair Sicín 6.00

Chicken strips, mixed leaves, croutons, parmesan shavings

topped with ceasar dressing and farmhouse soda bread

Grilled Chicken and Crispy Bacon 6.00
Sicín Gríosctha agus Bagún Brioscánach

Warm grilled chicken and crispy bacon with cherry tomatoes,

red onion on a bed of mixed leaves and farmhouse soda bread

Chicken Pesto Pasta/ Pasta Sicín Peisteo 6.00

Chicken strips, penna pasta, sundried tomoto, spring onion,

pesto and basil leaves and farmhouse soda bread

Italian Pasta Salad/ Sailéad Pasta Iodálach 6.00

Roast chicken strips, penne pasta, red onion, roasted peppers,

italian dressing topped with rocket

Mediterranean Tuna Salad Sailéad Tuinnín na Meánmhara 6.00

Tuna, pasta, red onion, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg with a

sweet chilli dressing and roasted peppers

Retro Salad/ Sailéad Reitreo 6.00

Ham, egg, tomato, spring onion, mixed leaves and salad cream

Power Salad / Veggie Salad 6.00

Sailéad Fuinnimh / Sailéad Glasraí

Cous cous, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and roasted vegetables

on a bed of mixed salad leaves

Add chicken or bacon or turkey for €0.50c

Soup/ Anraith

Soup of  the Day /Anraith an lae 4.50

Soup of the day served with freshly made soda bread, white

bread or gluten free bread

Soup and any of the above sandwiches 8.0

Kids Menu/Biachlár na bPáistí

• Sausage and Toast 2.50
• Cheese Toastie 2.50
• Pasta Bowl with Cheese/Butter 2.50
• Baby Bowl – Soup and Potato 2.50
• Banana Sandwich 2.50
• Nutella Sandwich/Toast 2.50
• Just ham Mam 2.50
• Milk and Cookie 2.50

Allergens list available from members of staff on request

Feic an clár dubh le haghaidh rogha na maidine.

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