Desserts &



Coffee Caife

Cuppa Joe – Americano 2.50
Latte/ Cappuchino 2.50
Flat White 2.50
Mocha 2.50
Espresso 2.50
Macchiatto 2.50
Hazelnut Cappuchino 3.00
Vanilla Latte 3.00
Specialities – Flavoured Coffee


Add a flavour of vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, gingerbread, nutella,
raspberry, orange 0.50 per flavor

Teas/ Taenna

House Tea 2.00

Decaf Tea 2.00

Speaciality Teas 3.00

Check out our selection of green and herbal teas

Hot Chocolate /Seacláid The 

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 2.50
White Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 2.50
Raspberry and White Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 3.00
Nutella Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 3.00
Velvet Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows and Cream 3.00

Hot Chocolate and Orange 3.00

Chia Latte 2.50
Cinnamon Chia Latte 2.50
Small Hot Chocolate 1.00
Go large for 0.30c

Co ld Drinks/ Deochanna Fuara

Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite/Fanta 2.00
Still/Sparkling Water 2.00
Orange/Apple Juice 2.95
Kids Fruit Shoots 1.00



Desserts /Milseoga

Apple Pie (deep dish) 3.50

Carrot Cake (gluten free) 3.50

Chocolate Fudge (available heated) 3.50

Raspberry Baked Cheese Cake 3.50

Raspberry Roulade 3.50

Banoffi Pie 3.50

Black Forest Gateaux 3.50

Waffles with Nutella/Ice Cream 3.50

Freshly baked homemade scones 2.30

served with jam, butter or cream, wholemeal scones also


• Afternoon Special – Tea/Coffee and any dessert 4.95

Fresh cream available with all desserts

Ice cream 0.60c extra

Tray Bake/Leicíní Bácála

Cookie 2.00

Brownie 2.30

Caramel Square 2.30

Rocky Road 2.30

Sticky Toffee Pudding 2.30

Muffins 2.30

Rocky Road (gluten free) 2.50







Check specials board for other sweet treats


Allergens list available from members of staff on request

Feic an clár dubh le haghaidh rogha na maidine.

Check our board for Morning Specials.